Dealers Meet

Sales and Distributor Meet Events planned by us are focused towards helping the company bring together all their partners to recognize, reward, incentive’s and communicate the company’s values, mission and vision. Our Services include everything, and we are with the client at every step of the planning process.

Gala Dinner

If the Gala Dinner is an award night recognizing excellence and achievements, it’s paramount to create and Award night event experience that reflects the quality, imagination and excellence of your brand, nominees and winners.


Award Night

Your one-stop-shop for award-winning staging, lighting Through impressive audio visual services, stunning stage designs and lighting displays, and full event production management, we can create the perfect atmosphere for your awards night or gala dinner. Our integrated approach ensures every technical service we provide will complement each other, creating a seamless experience from stage to screen, for all attendees.

Product Launch

Product launch events are essential to the existence of businesses, but are critical to a startups. Product launches are designed to achieve the specific purpose of creating awareness and publicity for a particular product/brand. Success can determine the fate of the product, as a launch will be directly responsible for the level of immediate and post-launch sales that is generated. A product launch is meant to generate a lot of buzz about the product/brand.

Product Launch

Event Branding

Event branding is the collection of elements that make up the image of the event. For event planners, branding is like a unique face. The more recognizable it is, the more people will pay attention to it.

Event branding has a formula, which covers all aspects of event management. The process of adding branding to the stages of event organization from pre-planning to post-activities can be defined as event brand management.